Fifth Annual Meeting

Catholic University of America
Washington, DC

March 23-24, 2007


Directions and Accommodations

Information about directions, the campus, and accommodationsis found at the Visitor's Center web site:

Directions from Brookland-CUA Metra Station to MTSMA Meeting

1. The Brookland-CUA Metro station has two exits. Take the left exit up the stairs, walk down the curving sidewalk to its intersection with John McCormack Road. There is no sign, but it is the street perpendicular to the Metro sidewalk. (Handicapped information will be posted soon.)

2. Cross John McCormack Road and go straight ahead up the hill between the buildings. The large building directly in front of you is Mullen Library, seen from the back.

3. Go right around Mullen Library. Follow the sidewalk up the hill past McMahon Hall on the right.

4. Continuing straight ahead, go down the hill. Ward Hall, the School of Music building, is on the right. Go in the front door.

5. Inside the school, there may be a student at the front desk to advise you, but in any case, go down the short stairway to the left, through the door, and into the open space, where the registration table will be set up. The short hall to the left ends with a door on the left opening to a stairway. Go up the stairs, turn right, and the last door on the left is John Paul Hall, where the MTSMA sessions will be held, as well as snacks and breakfast.


Parking permits are available from Steven Strunk for those whoneed them. (Please indicate how many you would like on the registrationform.)  It is also possible for the campus police to mail the permitsin advance to those who want them.  While street parking is availableon Harewood Road next to Ward Hall, this is not recommended on Friday (sincetickets are given out that day).

Special Needs

Assistance with wheelchair access will be provided bythe student assistant at the front desk in Ward Hall.

Conference Presentation Room and Special Event Rooms

Paper sessions will be held in John Paul Hall, locatedin the Music Building, Ward Hall.  The reception and dinner will bein the Pryzbyla Center, in rooms 321 and 323.  The reception willbe on one side and the tables for dinner on the other. The “Pryz” is abouta quarter-mile walk from Ward Hall.

Directions to these locations are available at the Visitor'sCenter web site at:


For further information, contact

Steven Strunk, Local Arrangements Chair
Rome School of Music
The Catholic University of America
Washington, DC 20064

(202) 319-5421
(202) 319-6280 fax

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