Eighth Annual Meeting

Penn State University
University Park, PA

Friday and Saturday, March 26-27, 2010

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Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel
12:00–1:00 REGISTRATION (Conference Room 108)
  1:00–2:00 Cadential Successes and Failures (Conference Room 108)
Eric McKee, Penn State University, Chair
  1:00–1:30 Winner of the Dorothy Payne Award for Best Student Paper
Improvisational Memory, Formula, and the Pedagogy of Extemporized Binary-Form Dance Movements
Michael Callahan, Eastman School of Music
  1:30–2:00 The Consequences of Cadential Failure and Virtuosic Rhetoric in Liszt’s B-Minor Sonata
Kale Good, Boyer College of Music and Dance, Temple University
  2:00–2:15 BREAK
  2:15–3:45 Mathematical Music Theory (Conference Room 108)
Richard Randall, Carnegie Mellon University, Chair
  2:15–2:45 The Anomalous PPVLs: A Transformational Oversight
Peter Leibensperger, CUNY Graduate Center
  2:45–3:15 Contour Vector Space
Rob Schultz, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  3:15–3:45 Scalar Transposition, Fractional Pitch-Classes, and Harmonic Sequences
Jason Yust, University of Alabama
  3:45–4:00 BREAK
  4:00–5:00 Studies in Meter (Conference Room 108)
Daniel Zimmerman, University of Maryland, Chair
  4:00–4:30 Dueling Dissonances: The Quest for Tonal and Rhythmic Resolution in the First Movement of Robert Schumann’s Piano Sonata no. 2, op. 22
Samantha Inman, Eastman School of Music

Tenuto Ostinato? Listening Strategies for Ligeti’s Fanfares
Philip Duker, University of Delaware

  5:15 RECEPTION (Deans Hall Lobby)
  6:00 MTSMA BANQUET (Deans Hall)
Penn State University
  8:00–  9:00 EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING (112 Borland Hall)
  9:00–10:30 Composers at Work After 1945 (112 Borland Hall)
Taylor Greer, Penn State University, Chair
    9:00–  9:30 The Hidden Serial Structures of Luciano Berio: Analysis, Aesthetics, and Practice
Irna Priore, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
    9:30–10:00 Shapey’s Mother Lode Worksheet as Compositional Space
Christian Carey, Westminster Choir College of Rider University
  10:00–10:30 Augmented Canons and Eternal Time in the Music of Steve Reich
Sean Atkinson, University of Texas at Arlington
10:30–10:45 BREAK
10:45–11:45 Performing Chopin (112 Borland Hall)
Eric Wen, Curtis Institute and Mannes College of Music, Chair
  10:45–11:15 Instrumental Gesture in Chopin’s Étude in A-flat op. 25 no. 1
Eugene Montague, The George Washington University
  11:15–11:45 Projected Tension in Chopin Performance
Mitch Ohriner, Indiana University
11:45–1:15 LUNCH; BUSINESS MEETING (Zoller Café, Visual Arts Bldg.)
  1:15–2:45 Keynote, "Iconicity in African Musical Thought and Expression." Prof. Kofi Agawu, Princeton University (112 Borland Hall)
  2:45–3:00 BREAK
  3:00–4:00 Sequences in Context (112 Borland Hall)
Kip Wile, Peabody Institute, Johns Hopkins University, Chair
    3:00–3:30 Linear Fragmentation and Sequential Repetition in Rachmaninoff’s Orchestral Music
Stephen Gosden, Yale University
    3:30–4:00 Open or Closed? Poulenc’s Major-Third Cycles of Minor Triads
David Heetderks, University of Michigan
  4:00–5:00 Analyzing Expression: Composers and Narrators (112 Borland Hall)
Edward Latham, Temple University, Chair
    4:00–4:30 Seriously Funny, or Beethoven as Humorist
Ian Wyatt Gerg, University of Texas
    4:30–5:00 Narrative Performance Analysis in Instrumental Classical Music
David Cosper, University of Virginia
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