Tenth Annual Meeting

University of Delaware
Newark Delaware

Friday and Saturday, March 30-31, 2012

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With the exception of the reception, banquet, and keynote, all events will take place in the Amy E. DuPont Music Building (AED) on the University of Delaware campus.
All paper sessions and the workshop will be in AED 207.



11:30–12:30 Registration     (AED Atrium)
12:30–  1:45 Short Papers
Rachel Hall, Saint Joseph’s University, Chair

Toward an understanding of voice leading in the third movement of Stravinsky’s Symphony of Psalms
Mark Richardson, East Carolina University

  12:45 Two Manons, a Moor, and a Madam: Tonal Brokenness in Four Operas by Puccini, Verdi and Massenet
Edward Latham, Temple University
    1:00 What a Pile of Bricks Can Tell Us About Steve Reich
Peter Shelley, University of Washington
    1:15 Does the change of a melody’s meter affect tonal pattern perception?
Stefanie Acevedo (presenter), University at Buffalo, SUNY; David Temperley, Eastman School of Music; and Peter Pfordresher, University at Buffalo, SUNY
    1:30 Theorizing Sound in the Cloud
Christian Carey, Rider University
  1:45– 2:00 Registration     (AED Atrium)
  1:45– 2:00

Welcoming Remarks

  2:15– 3:45 New Theoretical Approaches
Jonathan Kochavi, Swarthmore College, Chair
    2:15 Deriving Chords and Functions From Musical Surfaces Using Statistical Methods
Christopher White, Yale University
    2:45 Voice Leading as Set
Andrew Wilson, CUNY Graduate Center
    3:15 Music Analysis as Play
William O'Hara, Harvard University
  3:45–4:00 Registration     (AED Atrium)
  4:00–6:00 Workshop (Open to all registrants):
Harmony and Voice Leading in the Music of Igor Stravinsky
Joseph N. Straus, Distinguished Professor, CUNY Graduate Center
  Optional but recommended preparatory reading: Download PDFs of a new article submitted to Spectrum by Professor Straus.    Article       Examples
  6:30–7:00 Reception
Caffé Gelato, 90 E. Main Street
(10 minute walk from the music building)
  7:00 Banquet
Caffé Gelato
  8:00–  9:00 Executive Board Meeting, AED 208
  9:00–10:30 Rock, Pop, and World Music
Keith Salley, Shenandoah Conservatory, Chair
    9:00 Tapping to Taqasim: A Study of Temporal Prediction in Listening to ‘Free Rhythm’
Mitchell Ohriner, Shenandoah Conservatory
    9:30  Does Rock Play By Its Own Rules? An Empirical Investigation of Harmonic Expectation in Rock Music
Bryn Hughes, Ithaca College
  10:00 Reconsidering the Notion of “Cadence” Based on Evidence from Pop-Rock Music
Drew F. Nobile, CUNY Graduate Center
10:30–10:45 Registration    (AED Atrium)
10:45–12:30 Short Papers
Cynthia Folio, Temple University, Chair
  10:45 A Taxing of the Taxonomy in the Beatles’ “Taxman”: Beyond the AAB Phrase Model of the 12-bar Blues
Trevor de Clercq, Eastman School of Music
  11:00 Repetition and Developing Variation in terms of Derrida’s Concept of the Trace
Hyekyung Park, University at Buffalo
  11:15 Quantifying Metric Dissonance: Modeling Offset Downbeats through Applied Discrete Calculus
Steven Reale, Youngstown State University
  11:30 BREAK
  11:45 Capturing and Creating Disability in Some Pieces by György Kurtág
R. David Salvage, Hampden-Sydney College
  12:00 Schubert and Beethoven: Recasting their relationship through analysis of repetition
Caitlin Martinkus, McGill University
  12:15 Peripheral (re)vision: expressive structural articulation in Dvořák’s String Quartet in C Major, op. 61
Daniel Partridge, CUNY Graduate Center
12:30– 1:45

Lunch and Business Meeting
Room 118, AED

  1:45– 2:45 Keynote Address (Gore Recital Hall in the Louise and David Roselle Center for the Arts--across from the AED Music Bldg.)
  Theorizing Music, Theorizing Disability
Joseph N. Straus, Distinguished Professor, CUNY Graduate Center
  3:00–4:00 Baroque Music
Vincent Benitez, The Pennsylvania State University, Chair
  3:00 Passepieds and Pendants: Interpreting Characterization through Aria Pairs in the Late Baroque
Gregory Decker, Bowling Green State University
  3:30 Liberation from Constraints: Bach’s Fugue in G minor from Book 2 of the “48”
Eric Wen, Mannes College of Music
  4:00–5:00 Twentieth-Century Music
Rachel Bergman, George Mason University, Chair
  4:00 Serial Anomalies and Extra-Systematic Criteria in the Music of Milton Babbitt
Zachary Bernstein, CUNY Graduate Center
  4:30 Rotational Structure in Bartók’s Piano Sonata, First Movement
Robert Keller, Louisiana State University
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