Thirteenth Annual Meeting

Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.

Friday and Saturday, March 13–14, 2015

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Note: Unless otherwise specified, all events are in the Woolworth Center of Musical Studies, Room 102 (breaks and reception will be in the Atrium).


11:00–12:00 Registration
12:00–  1:15 Short Paper Session 1
Chair: Mark Yeary, Univdersity of Louisville

Thematic Simultaneity and Structural Ambiguity in Prokofiev’s Sonata Forms
Rebecca Perry, Yale University

  12:15 Shostakovich’s Dominants
Simon Prosser, City University of New York Graduate Center
  12:30 Octatonic Polysemy in the Introduction to Part 2 of The Rite of Spring
Paul Lombardi, University of South Dakota
  12:45 The melodies of L’Orestie and Pierre Boulez’s new compositional method
Joseph Salem, Yale University
    1:00 Sound as Subjectivity: A Reconsideration of Gibsonian Affordance
Cora S. Palfy, Northwestern University
  1:15– 1:30


  1:30– 1:45

Welcoming Remarks

  1:45– 3:15 Long Paper Session 1: Nineteenth-Century Music
Chair: Kofi Agawu, Princeton University
    1:45 In the French Style: Metric Types and Embodied Meaning in Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty
Matthew Bell, University of Texas at Austin
    2:15 The Sorcerer as Apprentice: Trial, Error, and Chord Magic in Wagner’s Die Feen
Steven Vande Moortele, University of Toronto
    2:45 Strange Narration: Cognitive Complexity in Mahler’s Late Adagios
Eric Hogrefe, University of Texas at Austin
  3:15– 3:30 Break/Registration
  3:30– 5:30 Professional Development Workshop (open to all registrants):
“The Materialities of Music Theorie”
Jairo Moreno, University of Pennsylvania (keynote speaker)
  5:30– 6:00 Reception

Location: Prospect House,
Princeton University

  8:00–  9:00 Executive Board Meeting (Woolworth 101)

Long Paper Session 2: Modernist Approaches
Chair: Jonathan Kochavi, Swarthmore College


Ravel’s Octatonic Scripts
Damian Blättler, Rice University

    9:30 Harmony, Rhetoric, and Linearity in Morton Feldman’s Piano and String Quartet
Ryan Howard, William Paterson University
  10:00 Jean Langlais’s Sharpwise Inflections
Nathan Lam, Indiana University
10:30–10:45 Break/Registration
10:45–12:30 Short Paper Session 2
Chair: Edward Latham, Temple University
  10:45 Brahms and the Construction of the Ballad Genre
Jacob Gran, Louisiana State University
  11:00 The Tonal Problem as a Source of Narrative in Brahms’s “Unbewegte laue Luft,” Op. 57 no. 8
Loretta Terrigno, City University of New York Graduate Center
  11:15 Reconsidering Style Register in the Late Baroque
Gregory Decker, Bowling Green State University
  11:30 How to Forge a Missing Link: Winfried Michel’s “Haydn” and the Style-Historical Imagination
Frederick Reece, Harvard University
  11:45 Improving Retention Through Curricular Revision at a Small Comprehensive University
Anna Stephan-Robinson, West Liberty University
  12:00 Harmonic Function in Popular Music
Ian Quinn, Yale University; and Christopher White, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
12:30– 1:45

Lunch and Business Meeting

  1:45– 2:45

Keynote Address: Rameau and Enchanted Materialism
Jairo Moreno, University of Pennsylvania

  2:45– 3:00 Break
  3:00–4:00 Long Paper Session 3: Eighteenth-Century Music
Chair: Scott Burnham, Princeton University
  3:00 Cognition in Scottish Common Sense Music Theory, 1770-1786
Carmel Raz, Yale University
  3:30 Menuets vicieux, Z figures, and sonic analogues: Embodied meanings of hypermeter in Haydn and Mozart’s symphonic minuets
Olga Sánchez-Kisielewska, Northwestern University

Long Paper Session 4
Chair, Daniel Zimmerman, University of Maryland

  4:00 Functional Neo-Riemannian Theory and Perceptual Voice-Leading Distance - A Lewinian Perspective
Andrew Aziz, Florida State University; and Trevor Haughton, Eastman School of Music
  4:30 “Promissory Note” Narrative Strategies in Schubert’s Three-Key Expositions
Aaron Grant, Eastman School of Music
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